Post Secondary

Post-Secondary Education helps students access post-secondary education and provides sponsorship and supports so students can graduate from their respective program of study with the skills, qualifications and credentials required to pursue their chosen career path.

To assist PIB students to successfully complete higher education and career goals, the Post Secondary Assistance provides, career counselling, program advising and planning; transition assistance into post secondary education; student advocate with colleges, universities; and  Student referral services.

PIB Post-Secondary Education provides counseling and advice to assist students in planning their post-secondary education journey. 

Contact PIB EDUCATION for any questions or concerns regarding Post-Secondary Education 

Things to consider when applying for Post Secondary Education Funding:

  1. Funding is limited and not all students may be funded. 
  2. Deadline for applications is May 17th every year. Students have to submit an application for each academic year. We consider Fall/Winter an academic year and Spring/Summer another academic year. 
  3. We fund students based on priority: 
    • First Priority—Continuing students from the previous year 
    • Second Priority—Graduating secondary students 
    • Third Priority—Students who are self-funded 
    • Fourth Priority—All other students
  4. There are 4 levels of funding:
    • Level 1—Certificate or Diploma Programs
    • Level 2—Undergraduate Programs
    • Level 3—Masters Programs
    • Level 4—Doctoral Programs

PIB Funds the following when accepted for Post Secondary Funding:

  1. Tuition 
  2. Living Allowance 
  3. Books & Supplies—Max $400/term 
  4. Travel—depends on school location—Max $200/term 
  5. Transcript Fees & Application Fees 
  6. Tutoring—Depending on budget 

PIB Post-Secondary is obligated to administer funds in accordance with Indigenous Services Canada’s Post-Secondary Policy. Therefore, students, programs and institutions have to be eligible in order to qualify for funding. 

Checklist to see if you, your program and the Post Secondary institution are eligible:

  1. Eligible Students: 
    • Registered Penticton Indian Band member. 
    • Been a resident of Canada for 12 consecutive months 
    • Registered or have been accepted at an eligible post-secondary institute into either a degree, diploma or certificate program.
  2. Eligible Program:
    • Requires the completion of secondary school studies or equivalent as recognized by the post-secondary institute
    • Delivered at an eligible post-secondary institute
  3. Eligible Institute:
    • Recognized by a province or territory
    • Educational institutions recognized to deliver post-secondary programs by arrangement with an eligible post-secondary institution.

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