Social Development

Social Development Philosophy

Children have always been at the heart of our culture and our communities. Taking care of our children has been the primary foundation of ensuring the survival of the customs and traditions of our ancestors. Children are our future; they are the mothers, fathers and leaders of who we are to become. It is our job and our responsibility to provide positive learning environments, to promote healthy lifestyles and to create opportunities for growth and development.

The Penticton Indian Band Social Development departments programs and services ensure, encourage and establish a positive environment for the growth of Penticton Indian Band members living on reserve. It is our wish to see that all families have access to the local (on and off reserve) resources which will provide family supports and services; and childhood and early childhood development programs. PIBSD main goal is to assist families and children who are on their journey to attaining a social, physical, cognitive, emotional and cultural well-being. In addition, PIBSD provides the necessary services to provide support when the community needs support, assistance when the community needs assistance and intervention when the community needs intervention.

The PIBSD department programs and services will ensure, encourage and establish a positive culturally based environment for the growth of PIB members living on and off reserve. PIBSD goal is to ensure all families have access to culturally relevant family support resources and services such as:

Through ongoing examination of past and new community planning and engagement, PIB will provide the necessary tools, services, support, assistance and intervention needed to achieve our visions, goals and core direction for child/family/community wellness.


We must plan for the individual, the family, the community and the land. We must include the voices of our elders, our youth, our women, and our men. We must listen to our Coyote stories if we want our people to heal.

  1. That our community is rich in its capacity to support spiritual, cultural, educational, employment, and recreational opportunities that promote active, healthy lifestyles.
  2. That every community member has the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual strength to support the health and wellness of the Individual, Family, Community and Nation.
  3. That every family unit within the community is empowered with the knowledge and resources to make healthy choices in their journey through the continuum of health and wellness; and
  4. To build a safe community where everyone has food to eat, work they love, healthy families, and connection to their community.

Contact and Location
Social Development Building 
841 Westhills Drive 
Penticton BC
Phone: (236) 700-4686

Programs and Services

  • Administration of Income Assistance
  • Administration of Persons with Multiple and Persistent Barriers
  • Administration of Person with Disability
  • Child, Youth and Family Crisis Support
  • Youth and Child and Family Preservation
  • Domestic Violence and MMIW Awareness/Prevention
  • Child and Youth Special Needs Support
  • Community Engagement Initiatives – Family Day, Easter, MMIWG Awareness, Summer Family
  • Program, Sun Fun, Truth and Reconciliation Day, Take Back the Night, Sisters in Spirit, Trunk or
  • Treat, Halloween Engagement, Christmas Community Engagement/Support
  • Parenting Programs and Parenting Support Services
  • Women’s and Men’s Groups
  • Children, Teen and Adult Rockband
  • Child and Family Jurisdictional Community and Nation Planning

Social Development Manager

Phone: (236) 700-4686 ext: 135
Fax: (250) 493-0037

The Social Development Manager is responsible for the day to day management of the Penticton Indian Band: Social Development Department. The focus of the Managers initiatives; and partnering with community resources to address the needs of Penticton Band members.

Social Assistance Administrator

Audrey Baptiste
Phone: (236) 700-4686 ext: 138
Fax: (250) 493-0037

Family Preservation Team Lead

Megan Dorrington Phone: (236) 700-4686 ext: 249
Fax: (250) 493-0037

Youth & Family Preservation Family Worker

Tammy Kruger
Phone: (236) 700-4686 ext: 234
Fax: (250) 493-0037

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